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The Challenge
Daily use of computers and telephones has become such a regular and commonplace feature of our lives whether at home or at workplaces that we tend to not think twice about the maintenance, and cleanliness. While a single telephone or computer can be cleaned rather easily, maintaining tens to hundreds of them in a hygienic condition can prove to be a challenge, even for professional office cleaning services providers. Gone are the days where staff and visitors commonly do not mind much about office hygiene. With the rising living standards of today, it is become common instead to expect all shared facilities in an office to be completely hygienic, and that means being odour-free and looking clean. Telephones and computers that do not work can pose quite a problem, smelly and unhygienic ones deter users all the same!

Why bother to clean?
Here are some reasons:

Is it possible - a mouthpiece on a telephone being a germ-trap of sorts? Certainly.

One of the easiest ways to pass germs around the workplace is shared telephones, is the conclusion of a study by laboratory test. Up to two-thirds of the bacteria on a receiver is being transmitted to the next user. A careless hand-washer who used the lavatory then the phone, could leave as many as 100,000 salmonella bacteria on the receiver for the next user. A programme of regular sanitising reduces the risks of cross-infection between several users.


The Handset is often contaminated with various odours from different Users e.g. personal odours emanating from the palms, ear, mouth and nose. This is mixed with the odour of nicotine, cosmetics and residual food stains. Regular cleaning is needed to keep the surfaces of a Telephone free of odour and free of oily stains.


A Telephone which looks clean and hygienic projects a desired positive image at the workplace – “the Company cares enough for its Staff and its Visitors to regularly maintain acceptable levels of cleanliness and hygiene in all its Telephones”.
Subtle and powerful, this telephone cleaning services is achievable at little cost.

What we do?
What is it about Abadi Services’ telephone and computer cleaning services that makes all the difference?

A Clinical Approach
For starters, our sanitising and cleaning services procedures of these office equipment involve the use of tissue papers impregnated scientifically formulated chemical impregnated. These tissue papers are only used once, and gets promptly disposed after use. This method of cleaning office equipment is hygienic and circumvents the possibility of having harmful microbes transferred between different locations and users. No other company does this.

Telephone maintenance Telephone maintenance Telephone maintenance

VDU and Keyboard Cleaning Services
Video Display Units (VDU) and keyboards are two key components in today’s computers. Users look at the screen (i.e. VDU) for long periods of time while having fingers on the keyboard almost all the time.

VDU and Keyboard Cleaning Services VDU and Keyboard Cleaning Services VDU and Keyboard Cleaning Services

Regular cleaning of the VDU and keyboard are therefore essential to obtain the following benefits:

Reduced eyestrain

Dust and dirt are attracted to the surface of the Video screen by electrostatic charges. By cleaning the screen with a specially formulated solution, the screen acquires a coating which repels the minute particles of dust immediately. Visual clarity is restored and eyestrain is reduced.

computer cleaning

Hygienic Keyboards and Computer Cleaning

Keyboards are the main part of physical contact between the User and the computer. The keyboard continuously traps micro-organisms, flakes of skin tissue, hair, perspiration and stains from miscellaneous sources e.g. oil, beverages etc….. Quite often too, computers are used by several people. Keep the keyboard clean and hygienic. The next User will appreciate it.


Programmed Maintenance

Abadi’s trained technicians visit your premises on an agreed programmed schedule to carry out santising and cleaning of your Company’s Telephone Handsets, VDUs and keyboards. No more missed months, no more ad hoc wiping by the office cleaner after clearing the tea cups.

These office cleaning services also extend to ATM machines, photocopier machines, fax machines, checkout counters, and etc.

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